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A Wall Hanging

This is a wall hanging that I made for our friend S***, who died of a Glioblastoma Multi-Form IV tumor on November 29th, 2011.  He died exactly one month to the day after he turned fifty-two.
It’s an interpretation of the monstrous entity that had, without remorse or compassion, taken up residence in his head.  With its uncontrollable “fingers” invading parts of his brain that could never be reached by a surgeons’ scalpel, the executioner was flaunting its superiority.
S*** wrote a blog that took you on his journey that began with the day he was first diagnosed.  He detailed his treatments and provided background information that wove a tapestry of a life that was going to be cut short for no clear reason, other than the usual bullshit…. “it was his time.”
He was a gifted writer.  He was a real writer and his blog chapters his death sentence with poise and grace.
You can see the transition he makes in his writing due to the effects of the disease that was consuming his thoughts, actions and penmanship but his brilliance was still evident when it filled the pages.
When I made the quilt, I solicited help from Loser and my children to give it a name.  I also included my sister in my quest.  Loser would always roll his eyes when I was talking to her on the telephone and then leave the room.  After he had been sitting outside, enjoying the fruits of life (beer), he came in the house and stopped long enough to say “tell your idiot sister I said hello.”  From that moment on, he always referred to her that way.
So…the name of this quilt came from my “idiot sister.”  Her suggestion was “how about tomorrow?”
I wanted S*** to think that there was always going to be a tomorrow and I changed the spelling to define the vicious killer that was taking his life.
There were a few more tomorrows for him and it was only after a fierce, hard-fought battle that he ultimately lost.




4 thoughts on “A Wall Hanging

  1. A wonderful work of art. I like the play on words. What a loving gift. I can imagine Loser would be jealous. The quilt is your artistry and therefore the focus would be on you and not him. Poor man.


  2. BEAUTIFUL….So sorry about your friend. Please tell me that this work of art was passed along to someone that will really appreciate it’s beauty……..You are one talented lady. Maybe that’s why you’re ex was such a sack of shit….he felt inadequate around you.


    • I believe one of his sisters has it. It’s funny that you mention Loser feeling “inadequate.” There were so many nice comments about the quilt posted and Loser actually admitted that he was “jealous.” Hmmm….I would have thought he would be proud…you know, sort of like he’s so proud of that attachment for going to college but creating a quilt does not a degree make.

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