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The Quilt That Almost Was

This was going to be another quilt for Loser.  One of his favorite movies is “A Christmas Story.”
The window has real lace curtains.  Every fence post is individual as are the frames around the windows.  Each brick was shaded in.
One of my neighbors actually tried to “pick up” the BB gun.
The hilarious Leg lamp has real fishnet hose, stitched one line line at a time and the fringe on the shade is real fringe.
I use every conceivable medium with my quilts.  I shade with pencil and paint and then set them with a hot iron.
I wanted this to be a special quilt for Loser and I spent a lot of time on it.
I hadn’t finished making all the things I wanted to, such as “Black Bart” and the Chinese turkey or Randys’ “I can’t put my arms down” snowsuit so I got it out to work on it so it would be finished in time for Christmas.  When these pictures were taken, I still needed to do some more work on a few of the pieces…shading and painting.
I had always kept the pieces in a plastic bag.  I put these pieces away and started drawing the patterns for the other things.
After a while, I remember thinking that I just wasn’t really in the mood for some reason so I decided to do something else.  A few days later, I thought I’d give it another go, and my heart sank when I realized that I had thrown the bag away.
After I recovered, (I’m not sure I’ll ever recover) I decided to make Loser the quilt bearing the Mastheads of all his newspapers.
Accidentally throwing the pieces away was foreboding, I guess.  I should have known there was a reason.
A few months later, Loser gave me my Christmas present by announcing his involvement with that attachment.
I would love to try to make this quilt again, but my heart’s just not in it.  It’s for the best.  He didn’t deserve to have this quilt anyway.  He didn’t deserve to have any of the quilts I made for him…but he has them.

So, these are the pieces of the quilt that never was and never will be.

 008 007 006 004 001001

9 thoughts on “The Quilt That Almost Was

  1. Infidelity diet. Now all you need to add is exercise- mainly for the endorphins so that you turn your rage towards the folks who merit it, and away from your soul, because you are being really self harming in your thought patterns.. And that’s not where this needs to go. He’s a fuckwit. You’re awesome. You deserve love. Especially from yourself. I look up to you. You’re moving forward- even amidst this clusterfuck. You’re mighty. To have withstood this for so so so so so many years. And now to not just tell him to shove it- but to have to cut ties with your whole life. I’m sorry, and I also love you. You deserve good. And I think you will find it.


  2. Beautiful work. I would love to see your quilts. You are a true quilting artist. My quilts are so basic and simple but I can recognise an artist for sure.
    Awesome xxxxx


  3. Bring it on…..make us suffer…..we’ll love every minute…..and yes, you are a survivor…..Remember that, it’s important……PS..Eat and you’ll grow in to those too big panties.


    • Ha. Right now, food sucks. I used to buy a birthday cake (I never had one of my own) and I would eat every piece of it. Now, I’ve even lost my taste for sweet things. Maybe I should find those gals from “Fried Green Tomatoes” and get them to whomp me up some barbecue….if you know what I mean. LOL


  4. If I had your kind of talent I would quilt all day long. Don’t you dare let those bat shit crazy people take that away from you. Put your big girl panties on, get the help you need and kick some ass. Don’t give them the satisfaction of writing the end of your story…..hell girl, you’re a better writer than any of them…..write your own ending. They can’t take your joy unless you let them….DON’T. You have more talent in your little finger than all those asshats combined. FLAUNT IT……and eat…..You are not alone.


    • You opened a can of worms when you said you’d like to see more of my quilts. I figure since some of them are unfinished and others will never be seen, I’ll make the readers suffer.
      And…my big girl panties are too big…
      I’m being pushed by some readers and some not so gently. The sad thing is….they’re right.
      It’s puzzling to me….I survived a monstrous childhood….I survived a horrendous marriage (I mean business proposition) and sometimes I wonder if I’m not Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense….dead and not realizing it because that little girl survivor would have never caved.


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