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A Question

I have recently heard (read) the term “man-whore.”  I find myself liking that term almost as much as I like “bat-shit, Loser, ass-wipe and fucktards.”
I know a woman who trades sex and companionship for money is commonly called a whore but what do you call a man who does the opposite….trades money for sex and companionship?  What do you call a man who trades trips overseas and to the beach for sex and companionship?
Would he be a man-whore or a pathetic Loser?

6 thoughts on “A Question

  1. The term Pay2Play (p2p) is common for both sexes for people who aren’t ‘quite’ prostituting themselves. They just pick their significant others by gift giving capability…. And let them pay their rent. And bills. And give them money for stuff. And then they sleep together. So how it differs from prostitution… Oh wait- the tawdry street pick up maybe doesn’t happen. Except when they also need a ride. *eyeroll*


    • I still remember giving Loser money when we first met…but it certainly wasn’t for sex or companionship….and he wasn’t shy about asking for it. I guess even then, he felt entitled…or just thought that I should pay HIM for actually paying attention to me.


  2. They cant see it. Mine says he knows better now, but I clearly remember him saying, no those women Love me. I said for the $, he insisted no. I said, well see if they love you after the $ runs out. He was so sure I was wrong. Don’t worry your ex will get it one day


    • She won’t have to worry about the money running out. He still stands to inherit quite a bit from his folks’ estate….things that should have been shared with me (such as land)…but he has found his match. I did all the work and he decided to “close the business.” Now she gets the inventory.


  3. Take the man, put him in a uniform tending a toll booth…….if the woman wants him then, call it true love…..if not…call him Sugar Daddy or Desperate or Cialis Brain or the best of all….EX HUSBAND THANK THE LORD………You know what they say, if you want to punish the OW, let her have your ex, warts and all (pun intended)……It’s a beautiful day here, hope yours is the same. If so, get out of that house and enjoy it.


    • I already told her that if he’s the kind of man she wants, she can have him. Then I asked her why she thought I got rid of him. But, true love can be pretended by an expert who has found a meal ticket. My sympathy goes to him. How can such a highly educated, “brilliant” man, not see beyond his own giant ego? Oh, I forgot…we’re talking about Loser here.
      It’s a pretty day here as well.


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