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The Perfect Moniker

Last night I talked to a woman I knew more than ten years ago.  She didn’t realize that I had gotten divorced.  When I told her, she was almost overjoyed and said “thank God you finally got rid of that LOSER!”  I cracked up when she said it and told her that was exactly how I was going to refer to him now and forevermore.  It was perfect!
After all, he did lose me…the woman who was “extremely supportive and absolutely loyal” to him…the woman who had virtue and values and morality…the woman who would have NEVER acquired and then openly flaunted an attachment while she was still married…and….the woman who would have NEVER stooped low enough to set her sights on a married man and then start circling him like a bitch in heat.
She said “everybody hated J*** H***.”   Even though I knew that, affirmation is always surprising.
She had run into another “friend’ who had apparently seen Loser and his attachment at one of the “newspaper awards banquets.”  Loser had taken the attachment to several of them while he was still married to me and had apparently represented himself as being divorced.  I guess that was necessary because so many people there had known me.  I feel certain that he did not give a reason…or at least the real reason…because not only is he a loser…he’s a coward.
The quote from this person was a little surprising.  They said that Loser and his attachment “both looked like trailer trash.”  I’m not going to say that I agree but I have received pictures of Loser and his attachment at one of those banquets and I will say that I would have NEVER allowed Loser to wear what he had on, nor would he have EVER allowed me to wear what his attachment had on.  I guess love, whether real or pretended is blind to attire.
Our dear friend S*** told me that Losers’ editor said “if J*** H***s’ guts were on fire, I wouldn’t piss up his asshole.” 
A man who Loser now probably considers to be one of his best friends, said “if J*** H*** dropped dead in the middle of the fucking newsroom floor, not one person would get out of their chair to go help him and that includes me.  I hate his Goddamn guts but I will lick his ass every day if it means getting what I want.” 
Now these men are best friends.  Could it be akin to “honor among thieves?”  Can being given a job by the person who is the the man you hate more than anybody, suddenly make him your bosom buddy?
Just as Loser is so pathetically susceptible to hollow flattery and the slightest bit of ego-boosting attention, he is just as susceptible to artificial loyalty.
The potential for achieving power, position or money can buy a lot of fictitious friendships, award-winning demonstrations of love and unrestricted, gratuitous sex.  Loser validates that with absolute aplomb.  As I said, Loser can be played easier than any human being I have ever met and it is almost hurtful that he can’t see beyond his own self-gratification and actually recognize that he is being played…..over and over and over.  It was one of his “friends” who was secretly sending me “evidence” of him and his attachment, should Loser try to deny his adulterous relationship.  Loser would often speak “fondly” of this person when declaring his absolute certainty of their loyalty.  This “friend” despised Loser, despised his attachment and despised what Loser had done and was doing to me.
One day, Loser will finally realize that the one true-blue, loyal, and faithful friend he ever had…was me. 
He threw that away with both hands and settled for a couple of handfuls of a woman he says he doesn’t even really love.  He deserves exactly what he now has.
As the conversation continued, this woman told me that “our friends” used to whisper….“what is she doing with him?”  I told her that over the years, I had been repeatedly asked how I could stand being married to him.  She echoed…“that’s because he’s a loser!  Everybody hates him!”  I don’t think I could find a way to enlarge the word LOSER to equal the emphasis she used when she kept saying it.
She had experienced her own drama with an ex-husband and it was remarkably similar to mine.  Her ex had a woman openly living with him…but was still “sniffing” around her, wanting to have sex.  Whose raised these men?
There was a time when it would have truly hurt my feelings to hear somebody refer to Loser as a “loser.” I would have even mirrored his justification of those proclamations, as coming from  jealous, ignorant, vindictive people.  It had to have been that because…how dare anybody question the brilliance of J*** H***?  How dare anybody deny that J*** H*** is always the smartest person in the room?  How dare anybody actually think they had the right to criticize J*** H***…”the only person who was good enough to win the newspaper a Pulitzer?”…(according to him.)
He never did, of course.  He had obviously been sabotaged by one of those jealous, ignorant, vindictive people.  Poor Loser.
Loser expected unqualified loyalty, respect and admiration, not because he had earned it but because he believed he was inherently entitled to it…and it DID NOT have to be reciprocal.  After all, he had once proclaimed to be GOD.
We talked for a while longer and her advice to me was…”be thankful that Loser is out of your life!  He NEVER deserved to have somebody like you.  He was never good enough for you and everybody despised the way he treated you and talked to you.  We all saw it and we all heard it.  That was one of the reasons I HATED him.”
She said “I’ve seen pictures of him on Facebook and he looks like a beaten down, defeated, old man.  HE’S A LOSER!  He may think he’s going to be happy with that attachment but he is a miserable, pathetic excuse of a human being and one day, Karma is going to come knocking on his door.”

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