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Working And Loving It

I started working more and more.  I was put with a different paramedic on every shift.  My boss, J** told me that he wanted me to learn everything there was to learn.  He said he told the medics that he put me with not to “ruin me” because I had the best attitude that he had ever seen.  He said “everybody likes working with you….and I mean everybody.”
The two main shifts were from 7am to 7pm or 8am to 8pm.  The schedule was two days on, two days off, a three day work week-end, alternated with a three day week-end off.
Luckily for me, one of the full timers came to work intoxicated and hit a bank with the ambulance.  She was suspended for six shifts.  J** called me in and I took over her spot.  She was ultimately fired.  Then another full timer had been late for his shift so many times that he was fired.
It was decided that I would be made full time and both the paramedics were fighting over who got me.
I went home and talked to J*** about it and told him that I was leaning toward the 8 to 8 shift.  He said he thought the 7 to 7 would be better.  I took the 7 to 7 shift and I was glad I did.  It had only taken me a little over two months to become full time.
There were several part-time firefighters working there and I enjoyed every one of them.  They would come into the bay, see me, pick me up and twirl me around.  They would call me their favorite “milf.”  I thought they were making fun of me because everybody knew how much I loved milk.  I would find out about a year later just exactly what MILF meant.
It wasn’t long after I went full time that my sister, P**** called me to tell me that mamas’ house was falling down and the insurance company was going to drop her.  The roof was leaking, the sink in the kitchen was stopped up and there were rotting eaves outside.  My daddy had died many years ago, so it was just her.  I had been asking mama for years to give me the house….not for any monetary value but just so that I would have somewhere to stay when I came up to see my beloved mountains.  She never told me that she had already given it to P**** many years ago.
When P**** called, I told her that I could replace the plumbing in the kitchen, could patch the roof and probably replace the eaves.  She said that would be great.
I asked her how we were going to get the supplies to the house and who was going to pay for them.  She said “I don’t have any money.”  I said “well, I don’t either.” Then she said “no, but J*** does.”
After I recovered from her statement, I said “let me get this straight.  You want me to come up and fix everything and you want J*** to pay for it?”  I said “YOU OWN THE HOUSE.  Why would J*** pay to fix up a house that you own?”  She said we would be doing it for mama.
Needless to say, I didn’t do it.
A few weeks later, she called me and ever so sadly said that she was going to have to sell mamas’ house because she couldn’t afford the necessary repairs and that mama was going to have to move into an apartment uptown.  She knew I had always wanted it and asked me if I wanted to buy it.  I told her I would ask J***.
When J*** got home from work I asked him if he would buy mamas’ house for me.  I told him it would be a good investment, given that it was right uptown in A******** .  He thought about it for only a few minutes and said he thought we should.  I gave him a hug and thanked him.  I offered P**** far less than the appraised value and she said “I’ll take it.”
We bought it and mama decided that she would stay in it.  We didn’t mind because it was better than having it sit empty.
Not two weeks later, P**** once again called and said that mama had filled up the old oil tank and it had cost her over five hundred dollars.  I wasn’t sure why she was telling me but then she asked me if I would  send mama some money, since I was working now.
I said, “P****, you have eighty-thousand of my dollars!”  She said “oh, that money was gone the day after I got it.”
I sent mama two hundred and fifty dollars.  Not only did I never get a thank you……I never even got an acknowledgment.
Now that I was working, J*** said that I should start making the house payments and pay the taxes.  I didn’t mind because it made me feel like I was contributing in some small way for a change.
Every other week, I had the three days off so I would drive up there and start working on the house.  It’s funny.  Never once did J*** say “why don’t you stay here and let’s do something together?”  Never once did he want to go with me.
Working was good for me, though.  I wasn’t at home alone all the time.
Things were the same at home. J*** worked, played golf and drank.
My shifts were never the twelve hours they were supposed to be.  They were always close to anywhere from thirteen to fifteen.  When I got home, I would be literally exhausted.  It was the same dance….J*** would ask me if I was ready to go to bed and I would say yes.  We’d go upstairs and I would get in the bed and he would go sit in the bathroom and read.
We’d still go to functions and I would still be unseen.  Never once did anybody ask me about my job while we were sitting around.  J*** never tried to steer the conversation to include me or what I was doing.  I was no longer “just a housewife” but nothing had changed.
We would still “go have a beer” and he started telling me a little more about work, although he was vague.  There was clearly something going on but I didn’t know what.
People at work assumed that I wasn’t the run of the mill worker.  I drove a luxury car and always had money.  They used to ask me what my husband did for a living.  I would dodge the question when I could.  I would tell some of them that he was a garbage collector and they would laugh.  Then I would tell some of them that he was a drug dealer and they would laugh.  Nobody knew what he did and they never would.  I was protecting myself and my job.
I had never told J*** that every job I had ever had with the exception of one, I had lost because of him.  As soon as my bosses found out what he did for a living, I was accused of being a “spy” for the newspaper.  I was hauled into the office and given a choice of quitting or getting fired.
Insurance companies and especially insurance agencies are notorious for, shall we say, underhanded practices.  I could have provided J*** with Pulitzer Prize winning information but I never discussed anything with him.
I came home one day and J*** said we were going out on “the boat” that week-end.  I asked him whose boat and he said “my boat.”  He had bought a boat with some guy at work.  The other guy was going to dock it at his house.
I had never been a water person and I wasn’t anxious to go but it was something to do with J***.    We went to the guys’ house and I asked about life jackets.  They both looked at me like I was an idiot.
I got in and we took off.  That guy almost threw me out of the boat when he decided to start flying over wakes.  I was scared at first and then I got mad.  There was nothing to hold onto.
J*** never said a word to him.  I told J*** that I was never getting in the boat with that guy again and I never did.
Some time later, just J*** and I went out and drove up to a restaurant.  J*** was a much more considerate driver but that was the only time we ever went out together on his boat.
Golf hadn’t worked out.  The boat hadn’t worked out.  I guess I should have realized that there was never going to be anything that we could actually do together.

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