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The “Business” Was Hemorrhaging – Part Two

Getting the house ready to “show” was difficult, especially with four small children.  The older girls were in school so for half the day, it was only the two little ones.  I tried to maintain some sort of sanity and also keep the resentment animal at bay.  J*** didn’t call regularly and that bothered me.  I just wanted to talk to him.  I wanted him to tell me that he missed us.  I wanted him to comfort me but I was usually met with the ever-present animosity and his need to get back to work.
His reporter friend, F*** would come by the house every now and then to check on me.  He would sometimes stay late and I would tell him to just sack out on the sofa.  He wouldn’t because he said he didn’t want people to see his car there the next morning and start thinking that I was some kind of tramp.
J***s’ “woman”, L***** was still coming to the house all the time.   I thought she was being a good friend and I appreciated it.
It was a grueling wait.  There were so few people looking for houses, especially in our neighborhood.
B*****s’ best friends’ father had tried to sneak around anonymously and buy the house for a cut-rate price without me knowing.  He knew how anxious I was to get rid of it and thought he could take advantage, I guess.  He had kiddingly asked me once, if “I came with the house.”
We finally got an offer and I called J*** to tell him.  He wasn’t at work.  Nobody knew where he was and since there were no cell phones, I couldn’t contact him anywhere else.  He was living in somebody’s condo in A*****.  The owner was waiting to see if he was going to be fired from the paper and was staying elsewhere, so he told J*** he could use it.  I left message after message at work but never got a call.  The real estate person tried calling, too.  We just couldn’t figure out what had happened and I was really starting to get worried.
After a week, he called and acted like he had just stepped out of the room and had missed my call.  He had decided to go to the beach.  He didn’t bother to tell me or anybody else.  In an admonishing manner, I told him that we had an offer on the house and I had been trying to get in touch with him for a week.  In his familiar manner,  he got mad at me for being mad at him and started yelling.  He acted like it was my fault I couldn’t reach him.
It would be another month before we could close, so J*** started looking for a house.  He found one in a nice neighborhood and it had five bedrooms and a swimming pool.
The paper had made arrangements to pack us up and get us moved after the closing and J*** made arrangements to fly to D*****.   He would then drive us to O******.  Despite the way the last conversations had gone, I couldn’t wait for him to get there.
L***** didn’t seem to be very sad that we were leaving and given that we were such good friends, I found it interesting.
J***s’ flight was finally arriving and I made sure that we were there early enough to watch the plane land.  The plane came in and we were anxiously waiting to see him.
I spotted him and at a fast pace, went up to give him a hug.  With his arm, he pushed me aside and said “I have to get my bag.”  The look on his face seemed to say that he would have rather been anywhere other than where he was.  I thought he was tired and stressed and not looking forward to the long drive so I dismissed it.
The next day, we were talking.  I told him about B*****s’ friends’ daddy and what he had done.  J*** didn’t seem to care at all…..about the house buying attempt or about him showing up at our house with beer after he had left.
Instead, he started telling me about this woman, who he says regarded him as her “mentor.”  Her name was R*******.  He told me that he had been advising her about her career.  After he had “mentored” her for several months, she had come to him to ask his opinion about a job offer she had gotten in M****.  He said he told her to take it.
She did and was given a going away party and of course,  J*** was invited.  He said while he was there, she took him into the kitchen and said “I would very much like for you to spend the night with me tonight.”
He didn’t say that he said no but he did say that he told her he had to play golf in the morning.  I was a little stupefied and asked him why he didn’t tell her that he was married and loved his wife and children.  He snapped “I don’t know.  I guess I didn’t think of it.”
In a few days, we packed up and headed for O******.  J*** seemed hell-bent on getting there as soon as he could.  He wouldn’t stop except to get gas.  I used to tell people that he punished me by not stopping to let me go to the bathroom.  Sometimes I thought my bladder would literally burst but he kept driving.  He finally stopped for the night at a seedy (and I mean seedy) motel.  It had cinder block walls and floors.  There was an air conditioner in the window and a small electric heater on the floor.  We might have been better off sleeping in the van.  He was trying to be a good “employee” by saving the company money at our expense.
It only took us two days to get to the condo.  We couldn’t close on the house until January, so we stayed there.
Christmas was coming and I actually had the forethought to bring the presents for the children with me.  I talked him into going out to see if we could find a tree.  True to himself, he waited until Christmas Eve to come home and take me.  By the time we got out, all of the tree lots had closed and there were signs saying “free trees.”  We got one and then I asked him to take me to K-Mart.  The store was an absolute wreck and I was crawling around on my hands and knees, picking up little plastic red apples.  They were the only things left in the way of decorations.
We got back to the condo, leaned the tree against the wall and I put those apples on the branches.  It looked pitiful but at least we had a tree.
The next morning, the children were excited about opening their presents.  I had gotten J*** the movie “Superman” and a Sony “Guitar Man.”  It was like a Walkman but it was for his guitar.
He had gotten me the Bruce Springsteen collection and a pair of earrings with an apology that they weren’t “up to his usual standards.”
From the time he arrived in D***** until we left the condo, he had never touched me.
We closed on the house and the movers delivered the furniture.  I was left with five hundred million boxes to unpack by myself but it was what I had always had to do so it seemed normal.
J*** waited until all of the furniture was in the house, then packed his bags and left.

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